Just what the Doctor Ordered.

I’m not dead, not gone, just in hibernation. While the winter months chipped away at free daylight, I was busy planning for the 2013 season. Here it is, just what the doctor ordered.

This season the focus will be on upgrading the stock 2007 mini Cooper S with race specific hardware. This will be the case while I await my stock picks to pop and buy the M5  outright in cash with no loans to worry. I’m halfway there.


Hoosier, for the serious.

Hoosier slicks mounted to their new rims. Shame, these rims look sweeter than the stock Mini. Oh well.

Compliments of the tax return, I got a new set of rims and slicks, exclusively for the Autocross season ahead of us. Tomorrow is the first event, and I’m quite excited to try these badboys out.

As the new season starts, There will finally be life restored to the team site. Now that I spent the cash on slicks, this year I’m more committed than ever.

See you on the track.