SCCA Autocross – CCRSCCA AX #6

Finally an SCCA Autocross!

I got to attend the SCCA Autocross. First one this year. After a series of mishaps, 2 auto accidents and strings of repair to the Mini I finally had a car able to drive in the event. Yes, the check engine light is on again.

The Mini is a stock Cooper S with the sport package. OEM front tires and cheapo rear tires . I ran a flat a few months back and needed tires that day. No one had the OEM’s and I had to settle for less.

This is the video from the dash mounted GoPro Hero camera.

This video is filmed with my Panasonic Lumix mounted to a Gorilla tripod mounted to the passenger seat.

My times were not the best “to me”. My 3rd round time being 68.5 seconds being the best for the day. The other Mini driver was 59 seconds. Granted he had was driving a 2005 cooper S with full Hoosier tires, light weight rims, Koni suspension and a line up of other expensive upgrades, plus 13 years of Autocross. I do believe that I did damn good.

The saddest part, was everyone there, the regulars I spoke to, all remembered my M5. Despite it being over a year ago, and only a single run. Yes, I will be back on the track next year sporting another M. Please donate.