Domain Just for email.

I was doing Autocross for a few decades, but I just don’t have the time to dedicate a Saturday from 6am till 6pm to the sport anymore.

I keep this domain for email, and maybe some day autoracing again. It is what I love.

Just what the Doctor Ordered.

I’m not dead, not gone, just in hibernation. While the winter months chipped away at free daylight, I was busy planning for the 2013 season. Here it is, just what the doctor ordered.

This season the focus will be on upgrading the stock 2007 mini Cooper S with race specific hardware. This will be the case while I await my stock picks to pop and buy the M5  outright in cash with no loans to worry. I’m halfway there.


Hoosier, for the serious.

Hoosier slicks mounted to their new rims. Shame, these rims look sweeter than the stock Mini. Oh well.

Compliments of the tax return, I got a new set of rims and slicks, exclusively for the Autocross season ahead of us. Tomorrow is the first event, and I’m quite excited to try these badboys out.

As the new season starts, There will finally be life restored to the team site. Now that I spent the cash on slicks, this year I’m more committed than ever.

See you on the track.

When I’m not behind the wheel


When I’m not behind the wheel

Being behind the wheel on back roads and mountain passes is an exhilarating experience. More so in a Mini Cooper S hooked up with the stock sport package. For any normal driver this is more than they’ll ever need. A car that handles like a go-kart at speeds far beyond what can be considered “safe” by over protective law enforcement looking to make a quick buck off our enjoyment of life.

But what’s the point of a wild mountain ride if you don’t stop to enjoy it? Where’s the excitement in not stepping out of your steel cage to enjoy the fresh autumn mountain air? Maybe it’s just me and the small group I hang with, but we love a good fall hike. Enjoy life, it’s too short to stick to the routine, the office cube and bragging about how you planted some seasonals in your carefully manicured garden.

So, I grab my day pack and step out from behind the wheel and get on my feet. Hiking is a great activity in groups or alone. It can be a simple greenway stroll or a light forest park, or a moderate to dangerous gorge hike. I choose the more dangerous of the hikes. What’s the value of life if you don’t put it on the line to live it? You, me, anyone could die tomorrow, no matter how safe or thrill seeking we are.


I took to the hills with a small group of 10. The odd thing about Charlotte that I’ve come to realize is it is mostly the woman who put on the pants and do adventurous things. A good group of hikers, or rock climbers or anything else dangerous is mostly 70-90% female. The guys that do go are pretty hardcore. I guess the rest prefer to sit at home in their skirts watching TV and drinking miller light. C’mon fella’s this is a call to action.

Me on the gorge neat Babel Tower

Always living life on the edge.

The rewards of travel, of living life and experience are great. There is huge risk though. This day there was a heavy rain storm. The paths are narrow in the gorge, rocks are slippery. I got stung by bees twice, in two separate occasions. But we still cleared 6 miles and had the time of our life. My calf is itchy from the sting and left hand swollen huge from another sting. But I’m alive and wouldn’t trade that experience for the couch. Bringing a special someone, or people with you serves to bring ya’ll closer together.

Couple on the Linville Gorge waterfall

Me and the honey sharing a trip to the Gorge.

The girls below are wet, cold and loving the trip. This is a time that brings people together. They never complained that it was pouting, or their makeup was running. They support Team Giannelli racing.

three wet girls standing in front of waterfall

These are the ladies that make the team possible

So once in a while it’s important in life to get out from behind the wheel and get out there. Pull over on some trail head, grad a bottle of water, some snacks and go for it. Find an easy trail at first. Work your way up and live life experience these great beauties that TV can never show and grow closer than ever to your friends and lovers.

SCCA Autocross – CCRSCCA AX #6

Finally an SCCA Autocross!

I got to attend the SCCA Autocross. First one this year. After a series of mishaps, 2 auto accidents and strings of repair to the Mini I finally had a car able to drive in the event. Yes, the check engine light is on again.

The Mini is a stock Cooper S with the sport package. OEM front tires and cheapo rear tires . I ran a flat a few months back and needed tires that day. No one had the OEM’s and I had to settle for less.

This is the video from the dash mounted GoPro Hero camera.

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Back again

The site moved from NSI to the much better GoDaddy. In the process I allowed the related data to go buh bye.

So, this time around I’m gearing up for the SCCA (Sport Car Club of America) 2013 season. This season is casual, do it when I can, as much as I can in my Mini Cooper S.

I have a fund raising “sister site” up at: It’s sole purpose is to raise funds so that I can buy another Bred for Racing BMW //M series vehicle. My desire is acquire and A class vehicle by December. (Each class if a higher performing car). My previous //M5 was F class. The Mini is D class. I’m getting there.